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Feature Film - Trailer

Dark Harvest

Feature Film - Trailer

Doppelgänger Paul

Short Film - Trailer

El Otro Cuarto

Short Film


Feature Film - Excerpt

Dark Harvest Scenes

Feature Film - Excerpt

Doppelgänger Paul Scenes

Short Film


Short Docs Series - Trailer


Short Film Series - Trailer

Future Futures

Documentary - Trailer

Richard Henriquez: Building Stories

Documentary - Trailer

Chasing Steve

Documentary - Trailer

The Death Debate



Born and raised in Hamburg, Germany, with Mexican heritage.
Fluent in English, German, Spanish.

I began my journey in the film industry as an actor in my youth, but it wasn't until I started playing around with my dad's Hi8 video controller that I discovered my true calling: editing.

My enthusiasm lies in collaborating with dedicated filmmakers who strive to create something remarkable.
With over thirty years of experience and having adapted from film to video to digital, I rely on my technical expertise to focus on the art of storytelling. I particularly enjoy discussing the structure, flow, and rhythm of a project and testing out new ideas.

I have worked on a variety of projects, including movies, TV shows, commercials, documentaries, and video projections for theatre & dance. Since 2007, I have lived in Vancouver, Canada, where I began working as a Video Director at Electronic Arts, producing hundreds of promotional and other videos for computer games.

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